Antigone in the Process of Blogging

Angry Antigone blogging

The picture above drawn by Erin Engels, shows Antigone screaming at her computer screen while reading comments generated by Creon. This would be Antigone’s inner animus showing that she is afraid of being unable to successfully challenge Creon. Antigone is angered because Creon is responding to her posts in an assertive and ruling way. Her inner animus is being expressed because she is getting angry due to the fact that Creon is challenging her. Since she is living in a society where women are meant to be submissive to men, her inner animus shows her lack of power and control. So, Antigone is getting angry at the computer and by extension, Creon.This would then relate to her archetype of the orphan. Since Antigone lost her family at a young age, Creon is acting, unintentionally, as her father. This is angering Antigone because she feels that no one will ever truly feel that way that a father would about her. (LV & KJ).


Loosing My Rights to the Cruel King

Creon, since you have decided to send me to my death in a lonesome vault beneath your beloved city, I will be forced to die entirely alone, without dear Haemon by my side. Although I don’t know how a man could possibly betray his own son like you have. Taking away a man’s wife is the ultimate form of betrayal, isn’t it? By preventing me from marrying I will never be able to fully accept my position in society and become a woman. There will be no children hopping at my feet, and I will die a solitary woman, alone and deprived. Do not mistake me though Creon, for my death will be in honor.

I hope that the untimely fate that you have so easily chosen  for me pleases you. After all, you can not be betrayed by a woman, can you? Of course, knowing you my dear uncle, you will lose no sleep over everything that you have denied me. At least your precious laws and pride intact, right? Before my ultimate death, I just want you to know that all of these events and commodities that you have denied myself and my family will catch up to and you will be punished by the Gods for what you have done.

So, I am entering this depressing cave alone, but I am not the lonely one here dear uncle. In fact, you are the lonesome one. I have the support of my people, my brothers, my family, and of my husband.  Those are all people whom’s trust you have merely tossed out the window, as if it were nothing.  I will meet my death in my bridal clothes, as a reminder to you of all that you have denied me. I will never know how it feels to have a husband that cares for me as I care for him. I will never know the sense excitement when he walks through the door after a long absence. I will never how it feels to hold and nurse my own child. I will never know the fear and excitement of when my child goes off to serve in the army and become a true man. I will never be able to council my own daughter in the selection process of an eligible suitor. I will never be able to see my children find the one they want to spend the rest of eternity with. I will never be able to see and hug my grandchildren. These, these are the things, Creon that you have so naively taken from me. Be ready Creon, these injustices will not go unanswered by the Gods, and be ready for what is coming your way.




Coming to Terms with Death

The Our esteemed king Creon has just set a law that forbids everyone in Thebes from mourning for or burying my beloved brother, Polynieces. Yes, Polynieces attacked Thebes, but Eteocles was the one  who wasn’t willing to give up the throne in the first place! So why should Eteocles be given all the rights of the dead when he is the one who caused this issue in the first place? Exactly! He shouldn’t! Both of my brothers deserve to have the same rights. After all, how is it fair that Polynices gets eternal damnation and hatred from the gods, but Eteocles gets freedom? This ruling is simply illogical, and all thanks to greedy Creon, I can’t save my dear brother. Well do you know what Creon? I despise your stupid prideful rules, and if you think you can stop me, you can’t!

I have talked this over with my “dear” sister, Ismene and she has decided to to stand with our uncle, Creon. As it turns out, she’s just another backstabbing person in my already insane life. I mean honestly, I’m supposed to marry a man I don’t actually love, and deal with the fact that my sister won’t agree with me? Well dear Ismene, I will tell you right now that you are now worthless to me, and if I must give OUR dear brother his basic rights alone, then so be it. You are entirely forgotten in my eyes. Do not mistake me for a fool dear Ismene, I will not let our brother down a traitor. You loved him once too, although clearly not as much as you love our vengeful uncle.

In all of my spite, I have decided that I will carry my brothers body and give him the rights that the gods give all men. I know that I may be breaking the precious laws of our tyrant, but I will be following and keeping true to my religious and spiritual oath to support and follow the laws of the gods. I know that Creon will punish me for my “crimes,” however I have the support of the citizens and none will participate in my stoning. In death I will be rewarded by the gods in the way that I will get to see my family, my father, and my dear mother once again. I will also get to see my brothers, Eteocles and Polynieces. Of course, I’ll finally be free from Creon, too. Although, I cannot hate on the man too much. Thanks to Creon, I have become more in touch with my spiritual side. I am ready to accept any punishment that Creon throws at me and I will willingly be punished.

This physical form is just a vessel and if Creon makes the decision to kill me, I will not refuse or protest. I am going to travel on this journey of mine and accept and go with all that comes my way. The law that Creon is enforcing on me is a law simply so that he can exert his power and be in control. The only reason that Creon is going to enforce the punishment upon me is so that he can maintain his pride and keep the citizens in fear of him.

I am ready for your punishment Creon I will not refuse or beg. As for Ismene, she was completely innocent in the crime, and refused to help me, so I will carry this burden on my shoulders and my shoulders alone, regardless what Ismene may have to say about the matter. Do not take this lightly dear family, for my brother’s cruel death will be avenged! (LV and KJ)